Newly Engaged

When you think of the American West, you might think of untamed landscapes and rugged elegance. And if you’ve seen the wildly popular television show Yellowstone, your mind may transport you to Montana, where you pull on your boots and ride across never-ending grassy fields.

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Find the love of your life – check! Get engaged – check!

:: Alexa, play record scratch ::

Now, what….? First, congratulations! Finding the love of your life and getting engaged are some pretty incredible experiences. 

But now that the initial rush of emotions has settled,

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While exciting, planning a destination wedding has its own set of logistical challenges. Whether the destination is over state lines or overseas, one of those obstacles is getting your wedding gown from point A to point B in one piece. 

Even if your dress arrives undamaged,

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No matter where you are in your wedding planning journey, well-meaning friends and family are probably offering you their advice. And while this might feel frustrating, know that their opinions and recommendations are (usually) shared with the best of intentions. 

So, stay positive and assume that your loved ones only want to help.

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Yes, your best day ever (so far!) is all about the two of you and your union.

You are the guest of honor after all.

But as a person who values family and your guests’ experience, it’s only natural you want to sprinkle in a few surprises for your parents on your wedding day.

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