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We see it as a privilege to work on your one, very special day.

That’s why our boutique-style team engages only a limited number of weddings per year.

We spend over 1,000 hours conceptualizing, planning, and producing every last detail of your wedding weekend – all according to the rules for entertaining that we’ve refined and perfected over the past decade. The beauty of only taking on a handful of events is that we have time to form a more personal connection with you.

Below is a bit about each of us, so you can feel connected too.

Meet Our Team

Kate Turner


Her parents taught her from a young age that whether it’s connecting over the perfect latte, a mother-daughter pedicure, or a vintage red with a five-star meal – every accomplishment should be honored, and every tabletop deserves to be styled. 

Growing up you could find Kate pouring the perfect cup of lemonade from her roadside stand, pairing the perfect veil and dress for her Halloween costume, or even combing through vintage Martha Stewart Magazines planning her union to JTT. Much of Kate’s childhood revolved around weddings. It’s that lifelong love of marrying hospitality with a carefully curated tabletop that brought her to open Kate + Company in 2012. 

Kate’s concierge meets interior design approach has landed her crew on Vogue’s and Bride’s Magazine’s lists of best wedding planners, and their work has been found everywhere from Martha Stewart to Grace Ormonde and – her personal favorite – preserved in her clients wedding albums and Instagram feeds! The Kate + Company team continues reimagining what it means to be a wedding designer in the Midwest.

Kate’s panache for perfection and commitment to authenticity drove her to co-found 23 City Blocks Hospitality Group in 2013. As the first in the Saint Louis market to bring restaurant style cuisine to private events, Kate’s strategic vision led this renowned hospitality group to challenge the boundaries of luxury in the emerging Midwest market. In 2022 she sold the business to Butler’s Pantry to focus solely on the creative direction of Kate + Company.

Though both companies are award-winning, that’s not what Kate’s most proud of. Her biggest claim to fame is surrounding herself with the greatest people. After all, the best weddings take a village, a carefully curated team, and a little magic. Kate prides herself on having pretty incredible teams by her side each step of the way.

Her true passion lies in creating gorgeous events that reflect the unique style of each couple, honoring the privilege of orchestrating the day. When she’s not commanding a room flip in a pair of heels and statement earrings, you’ll find her playing tourist, with her exuberant kiddos and loving husband, or hunting for her next bit of inspiration!

Kimmy Gainer


Hospitality is in her blood. During high school she worked in her family’s restaurant and got her first taste of wedding planning at a local florist. She quickly learned the value of hard work and providing excellent customer service. From a young age she knew she wanted to make this crazy world her home. She earned a degree in entertainment management, with a focus on events. While she has spent time volunteering at non for profits, participating on boards for past schools and working the Superbowl, her greatest passion comes from weddings. 

After college she returned home to Saint Louis, where she (very) persistently pursued a position within Kate + Company. Kimmy worked tirelessly year after year finally landing in her current role at Kate + Company, Executive Director, in 2021. At Kate + Co, she found the perfect combination of expert execution and innovative design. Execution is truly her passion; she especially loves unique client experiences, and ensuring they are just like her couples always envisioned. Whether it’s a new city, venue, or something that has never been attempted…Kimmy is up for the challenge!

It’s been said that she is the ‘company’ part of Kate + Company, supporting Kate and the dream to grow this company. Together with Kate over the past ten years, they’ve developed the perfect partnership of ying and yang, and providing that one – two punch for clients and vendors. Kimmy finds joy in working alongside the team at Kate + Company not only to produce clients dreams and visions but to continue pushing the bar for the wedding industry as a whole. 

When she’s not editing a spreadsheet, crafting the perfect timeline or bustling the bride’s dress, Kimmy’s happy place is sitting on a patio catching some live music, sipping margaritas, and catching up with family and friends. Over the past year, she’s also had the unique experience of planning her own wedding. She and Andrew tied the knot on November 5, 2022! Because of this, she knows the importance of the little things that make a wedding special. That’s why she is beyond honored to be part of each and every event for her clients.

Adam Turner


Whether he’s making his world Kate + Co. famous carnitas or opening a bottle of his favorite Palmaz Cabernet, Adams connection to hospitality begins and ends with food. Kate often jokes he missed his calling as a Chef!

Growing up, Adam always worked in hospitality. You could find him back-of-house slinging pancakes for the breakfast rush or front-of-house advising guests on which cocktail pairs best with their ribeye. However, it wasn’t until his early 30’s when he really began his search for those perfect flavor profiles.

Adam is a graduate of Lindbergh Highschool, proudly repping the green and gold even 20+ years later – partly because it’s where he met some of his closest friends. In his free time you can find Adam with this core group making sarcastic jokes over a beer on the golf course, running after their kids in the backyard, or on date night with all their wives.

Adam graduated from University of Missouri – Columbia first with a degree in Industrial Engineering and then again with an MBA, emphasis in Finance. After graduation, Adam started his career at Boeing specializing in supply chain management.

After a successful foray into engineering at Boeing, he switched to the sweet side joining the team at Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier. He bounced around the Operations Department learning each trade before he became the Plant Manager. Throughout his tenure with Bissinger’s, Adam spent his nights and weekends supporting the Kate + Company team in countless ways. In 2020, he finally made the leap to join the crew full-time.

Though Adam and Kate have known each other for years, it wasn’t until they were dating that they realized they grew up one street away from each other and even shared many mutual friends in throughout the years. While they have Kate’s best friend (& former Kate + Company bride) Lauren to thank for their post-college meet cute; they learned early in their courtship that it wasn’t love at first sight but rather love at first bite when they were just three-years old. If you don’t know this story, it’s worth asking!

When Adam isn’t working on client agreements, billing customers for their services, or questioning Kate about company spending you can find him with his three boys (soon to be the perfect foursome!), enjoying a Liverpool game, sharing the perfect bourbon cocktail with Kate, or relaxing with a good book.

Alex Whitley

You’ll never find Alex without a pen, paper, or a creative idea. Whether she’s rearranging furniture or recreating spreadsheets, Alex is always two-steps ahead of any plan.  

Alex has been a pro at logistics since the age of nine when she was caught dangerously rearrangement her room month after month after month. She lives for helping family members plan home decor and thrives on designing warm, welcoming spaces for parties or holidays. 

Event planning took up residency in her heart in 2018 after working under the Director of Alumni Relations at Washington University – Saint Louis where they planned and hosted events for the Law School Alumni. It’s there that she learned the art of hospitality, event logistics, and luxury level concierge services. 

The corporate event planning world has always been rewarding but Alex found herself yearning for more. It wasn’t until getting engaged to her long-time love that she realized what was missing from the events she was planning — celebrating the love of two people coming together. Leaning on her lifelong motto — take the leap of faith — Alex applied to Kate + Company and never looked back. 

While Alex is newest team member at Kate + Company she is not new to understanding the hard work and dedication it takes to bring events of this caliber to life. In her free time, Alex spends time with her family, working out in the gym, and helping mothers plan and navigate their postpartum as a Postpartum Doula. 

In August, Alex and DJ will be jumping the broom to their very own forever! As excited as she is to plan for her own wedding, she is looking forward to being apart of the many beautiful visions and celebrations with her new found family at Kate + Company! 

Our Philosophies

Create a party you can be proud of and that will be endlessly remembered

Put the guest experience first

Though you won’t find anyone who does immersive design quite like us, we never sacrifice the comfort of the guests for the design of the party.

Instead, we consider every decision from the guests’ perspective. We walk through the weekend mentally to be certain that everyone’s experience from beginning to end is top-notch.

We seek out ways to incorporate the kind of thoughtful touches you might find at a world-class resort: a chilled towel on a summer day. A nightly delivery of sweet or salty snacks. Or a convenient place to sit and enjoy a cocktail while waiting for dinner.

Add a heavy dose of design + details

Some companies design around a location or a couple’s personality. For us, that is only the beginning. We look at an event the way an interior designer considers a room. How will the guests use the space? Where will they sit to connect? How will the lighting make them feel?

Next, we consider the season of your wedding and the style of your space. Along with who you two are, where you are from, and where you’re going in life. Then we infuse those personal details in unique ways.

The end result? A truly one-of-a-kind design that will fill other brides’ Pinterest boards one day.

Prepare for the worst. Deliver the best.

Perhaps our biggest job is to bring all of your plans together. Though we thrive well in difficult situations, we do everything in our power to ensure that no emergency ever arises.

We anticipate challenges, fine-tune timelines, confirm and reconfirm vendor deliveries, and communicate with the wedding party – all to avoid those last-minute hiccups that can derail a party.

Then, come wedding weekend, we bring as many team members as necessary to ensure a flawless event. And if a challenge should pop up, we solve it with calm professionalism and the utmost kindness – before you ever become aware.

In turn, you get to relish in the moment and experience the very best.