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BTS Look: Things a Wedding Planner Does Without You Ever Knowing

Your job as an engaged couple is to dream about your wedding day—and make a few decisions along the way. And our job as wedding planners is crafting intricate details to bring your vision to life. 

But our job extends far beyond what you see on the surface. 

Because from the moment you say “Yes!” to the second you say “I do,” we spend countless hours planning and coordinating every aspect of your day. In fact, we dedicate at least 700 hours to making your celebration truly extraordinary!

That’s why this edition of Tenured Tips is a little different, as we’re giving you an exclusive peek into our world and sharing the secret efforts we make without you ever knowing.

Here are 7 things we do to make your day everything you ever dreamed of and more.

Research and Select Vendors

Imagine sifting through an endless sea of photographers, florists, caterers, and musicians trying to find the perfect match for your unique style and vision. That’s what we do for you. Our team conducts extensive research to identify the most reputable and talented vendors within your budget. We pore over reviews, compare packages, and schedule meetings to ensure that only the crème de la crème make it to your special day. For us, it’s not just about matching budgets but matching personalities and aesthetics, too. Who we recommend for our Type A couple who leads with facts is vastly different from our Type B couple who leads with emotion.

Navigate Vendor Contracts

This might not sound glamorous, but it’s integral to ensuring a smooth wedding planning process. We advocate on your behalf and eliminate any hidden costs or loopholes that may pop up. Did they mention complimentary valet? We want it in writing. Two-days of load-in? We want it in writing. Customized crudites and signature beverages? We want it in writing. With our expertise in contract evaluation, you can rest assured that your interests are well-protected.

Communicate with Vendors

Being the central point of contact is one of our primary responsibilities. We bridge the gap between you and all your vendors, keeping everyone informed, updated, and on the same page—literally! We write a 50+ page information booklet for all of your key vendors THEN we craft a personalized milestone list for each and every vendor. What else? Starting about 8-weeks out we have a weekly production meeting with your full design team. This open communication streamlines the process, fosters collaboration, and ensures everyone works towards the same vision.

Find Your Venues and Vendors

Now that the numbers are sorted, you can start looking at sites to tie the knot and places to party. We help our couples with venue walkthroughs and on-site meetings to ensure a smooth experience. 

During this stage, you’ll also want to look for the top vendors who can only work one event per day. This includes the photographer, videographer, entertainment, and (believe it or not) the hair and makeup team. Next comes hospitality-related vendors, such as transportation and hotel room blocks.

Once you get to this step you can officially let out a sigh of relief and start with some of the creative – the colors, the design, and your first guest communication – the perfectly crafted save the date (~mailing date 8-10 months in advance).  

Bring on the fun!

Create Color Cohesiveness

During the décor selection and set-up process, one of our priorities is to ensure that colors connect seamlessly across all elements of your wedding. Flowers, table linens, drapes, and even lighting components are curated to align with the chosen color palette. As you can imagine, there are not infinite shades of blue available in floral or in paper products. Our job is to understand how to connect the dots between what is available in an infinite amount of colors and what has more limited offerings.

Press and Fold Napkins

You might be surprised to learn that dedicating several days to perfecting the smallest details is not uncommon. Like how a napkin is folded! A classic pocket, intricate fan, or elegant diamond fold embodies its own style and can make a significant difference in the overall table setting. We carefully select the napkin fold that best compliments your chosen theme and tableware, adding a touch of sophistication to every place setting. We then ensure delivery at least 6-days in advance so our production team can press and fold every napkin to perfection.

Resolve Family Conflict

Just like any family, conflicts may arise during wedding planning. Whether it’s a disagreement between the couple and their parents or between different family members, we mediate and facilitate resolution. We work towards finding solutions that prioritize the couple’s happiness while respecting the feelings and wishes of their loved ones. There’s no family dynamic we haven’t seen before!

Handle Post-Wedding Cleanup

Your wedding may be over, but the work isn’t finished. Behind the scenes, we quietly manage any post-wedding issues that may arise. That may mean coordinating lost and found items or handling leftover décor. Every single item gets counted, cleaned, and returned. Whatever the task, our discreet management ensures any situations are swiftly resolved without you ever knowing.

Save 700 Hours

We hope this has given you a peek at the invaluable role wedding planners play in crafting your dream day. And the many extra things we do beyond what you might see on the surface.

With our expertise, your wedding journey becomes a seamless, stress-free experience, allowing you to savor every moment of this special time. Reach out to us today, and save 700 hours of precious wedding planning time.

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