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How to be the Best Host and Enjoy Your Celebration

Your wedding day will be a showcase of your love first and foremost. But it will also be a party, and probably the grandest party you’ve ever hosted. 

In that case, you also want to ensure it’s the best party your guests have ever attended. To make that happen, you’ll need to be a gracious host. And to make that happen, you’ll need a wedding planner to help you navigate the ins and outs of thoughtful hosting. 

In this practical guide, we’ll break down the details that go into creating an intentional atmosphere. And we’ll share tips on being a fantastic host while still enjoying every moment of your event.

Consider Your Guest List

Crafting a guest list is more than an exercise in logistics; it’s a curation of the people who will witness and celebrate one of the most significant days of your life.

So, rather than cast a wide net, consider a more selective approach and invite those who have played a meaningful role in your journey.

Maintaining an intimate gathering allows for a more genuine connection with each guest. Instead of exchanging polite pleasantries with strangers, you’ll find comfort in the company of those who know you well.

Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is another consideration that goes a long way in setting the tone for your celebration.

Consider writing personalized thank-you notes to key individuals, such as the maid of honor or best man, to express your appreciation for their support.

We recommend putting these notes under their place settings as a thoughtful touch that also serves as a personal memento for them to cherish.

You may also want to incorporate moments of gratitude into the flow of your day, whether through brief interludes during the ceremony or as part of your reception. Share anecdotes, express your love, and tell them how integral they are to your relationship.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

Think about adopting a mindset similar to hosting guests in your own home. Imagine the familiar comfort of breaking bread with close friends and family in your dining room.

Now, think about how to recreate that intimacy on a larger scale. From the seating arrangements to the choice of decor, strive to encapsulate the inviting ambiance of your home in every detail.

One practical consideration is ensuring ample time for guests to enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing a meal. Avoid scheduling toasts or other interruptions while people try to eat, allowing them to savor the moment and engage in meaningful conversations without feeling rushed.

You can also add personal touches. For example, if a certain cocktail is a staple at your dinner gatherings, consider serving it on your wedding day. This small but significant touch will add an element of familiarity and personality.

Be True to You

Amidst the wealth of inspiration from social media and wedding platforms, it’s easy to be swayed by the latest trends. However, it’s crucial to discern what truly aligns with your style, values, and the narrative you wish to convey on your wedding day.

Let’s take the champagne toast as an example. While a staple in many weddings, if you and your partner aren’t champagne enthusiasts, there’s no obligation to incorporate this tradition.

The key is to choose elements that genuinely resonate with you. So, when crafting your wedding, ask yourselves what feels true to your relationship, what moments hold special meaning, and how you can weave those threads into the fabric of your celebration. These details will leave a lasting mark on you and your guests.

Allow Us to Manage While You Mingle

In your moments of prep, remember that being a good host resides in the intangible elements—the shared laughter, heartfelt embraces, and collective joy you create. 

We make it easy to be a gracious host by taking care of the details for you. That way, you get to celebrate, mingle, and be completely present at your own party. Let’s talk about how to make it happen!

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