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Renderings to Reality: How We Bring Your Wedding Day Vision to Life

Once you get engaged, chances are your mind becomes a kaleidoscope of wedding ideas. Colors, décor pieces, and flowers fill up every space and become a vision of what you want your day to look like. 

While we encourage this dreaming phase (it’s so much fun!), at some point, those dreams must make it into the real world. 

And that’s where having a wedding planning and design team can make all the difference. We’ll put those kaleidoscope dreams on paper, then bring them to life for you and your guests to enjoy.

Here’s a peek at our process.

Color Palette x Mood Board

We start by putting together a color palette and a mood board. These help you get the images and words you use to describe your wedding out of your head and onto paper. And they act as a communication device between your creative team and us. 

For example, if you say you want periwinkle in your palette, your version of that shade may differ from our version, your florists version, and even your stationers version. So having a color swatch that shows what periwinkle means to you (or whatever colors we’re working with) will ensure all creative partners use the same shade.  

The mood board works in the same way, as it helps us define your vision through image inspiration. If you’re envisioning a contemporary or minimalistic wedding, what does that mean to you? What does that look like? What are the feelings it evokes? 

When we build a mood board, we may pull elements from fashion, home interiors, travel, or your hobbies to get a sense of the vibe you’re going for and to ensure we capture rustic or minimalistic appropriately.

Creative Renderings

Next, we take the ideas collected in the color palette and mood board and create renderings to share with you and your vendor team. 

You’ll receive a deck of images, sketches, and renderings (aka our creative brief) to help you visualize how your wedding will look and come together. We’ll walk you through everything, and once you give your stamp of approval, we’ll share the renderings with your creative partners to perfect the concept.

Making it Real

We’ve dreamed, sketched, and rendered – but now we have to bring the whole thing to life. This means digging into the details and asking questions like, “How far off the ground are the shelves? How far apart are the disco balls? What does the wall color look like during the day versus at night?”

This may seem over the top, but if you don’t get into that level of detail, you may end up with half-hearted results and regrets. 

Real-life example: we worked with a bride on a mirror-topped table concept but weren’t sure whether to use an actual mirror or a vinyl cover with a mirrored look. After much discussion, mock-ups, and production checks, we decided against the mirror. Mirror edging can be sharp, so we would have to have it beveled, leaving the rest of the table unfinished. 

Instead, we did a mirrored vinyl wrap (edge to edge and underneath), which turned out beautifully. But if we hadn’t gotten into the details of this project, we may have gone with the mirror or only covered the top of the table with vinyl. Either way, it would’ve felt unfinished. 

Remember, you only get to do this once. It’s better to get into the smallest details and receive the “wow” moments rather than take a shortcut and pay for it later (perhaps emotionally and financially).

Let’s Actualize Your Vision

Dreaming up a wedding-day vision is the easy part. But making it a reality requires an expert planner and a team of creative partners. We’ll help you sort through all of your ideas and inspiration and work with you to create a concept even greater than you imagined!

So, are you ready to see your wedding ideas in the real world? Your first step is to get in touch with us. We can’t wait to start the process!

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