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How to Guarantee a Seamless Event

What are wedding dreams made of?

For you, maybe it’s five-star cuisine or fancy dresses. Or personalized details and out-of-this-world entertainment. 

And while all of those definitely make for a memorable wedding, we like to go a bit deeper when designing your dream wedding. At Kate + Co, our definition of a dream wedding is one that achieves perfect flow. And it’s a party where all the details come together seamlessly. One that leaves your friends and family thinking… wow, that was so them! 

But these kinds of celebrations don’t just happen by magic. (Although they look as if they do.) It takes an experienced and well-orchestrated team. And here’s exactly how we deliver a seamless event. 

And here’s exactly how we deliver a seamless event.

We Create (& keep) an Amazing Timeline.

We’ve been told that our timelines are so detailed that if we fell off the face of the earth tomorrow, a complete stranger could step in and the wedding could still go on. It’s not a glamorous place to start, and probably Kate’s least favorite, but a beautifully planned event goes off the rails without a great timeline.

How? Because we start working on the timeline early in the process – from practically day one. Once we know the ceremony and reception times, we begin building everything else. And we document everything starting the week of setup through load-out completion. Meaning our timelines go all the way through the very last vendor cleaning up and leaving the venue better than they found it. 

Our timelines include all the little details, too, like when the readings take place, when we expect to receive the linens and count them, and even when we plan on printing the family timelines! 

Our timelines are consistently formatted and color-coded, making them easy to read and understand. We also have a copious number of production and timeline review meetings with key vendor partners. 

For example, when working in a place that has little infrastructure, we often have to figure out a plan for how box trucks, semi-trucks, and vans get into a space. We have to schedule it out like a perfectly synchronized orchestra, making sure we maximize efficiency and not waste anyone’s time (or your money). 

As one of our couples, you’ll receive a minute-by-minute timeline, a personalized timeline, schedules for each member of your wedding party, and pdf copies that you can print and/or keep on your phone for instant access. We’ll also send copies to your wedding party ahead of time so you’re not inundated with questions.

Not only that but about a month out, your wedding party will have access to our team for last-minute questions, concerns, and any little hiccups that arise (Where’s my bowtie? I forgot to steam my dress!!)  

In other words, you’ll know how the day will play out from “this day forward”.

We Take Care of Business.

Our job starts before you walk the aisle and only ends once the table linens are gathered and returned. That’s right, we take care of inventorying every item, ours and yours. We set it up and take it down. And we make sure everything that needs it gets cleaned, pressed, and delivered to your doorstep. 

Basically, we perfect the tiniest of details. Linens are hung straight. Napkins face the same angle. Charger plates sit one thumb-distance back. Water and wine glasses are set appropriately and consistently on every table. Chairs are lined up and lighting levels are correct. Nothing goes unnoticed!

We also put a game plan in place for the end of the night, which takes into account things that often get overlooked. 

*Where do gifts and cards go?

*Where is your bouquet?

*Where does the cake top get stored?

*What happens to the veil when the bride takes it off?

These may be small details, but they’re probably things you’ll want to hold onto. And we know it’s easy to forget Grandma’s heirloom toasting flute when your mind is buzzing with love and, let’s be honest, Champagne. 

We also collect all keepsake items, pack them up, and get them back to you as soon as possible. This includes everything from extra programs and escort cards to drink stirrers and napkins. Those custom concepts we came up with for you? All yours! But don’t worry, we’ll make sure they get returned to you.

We want you to exit in style without any worries about what you might be leaving behind. Spoiler alert! With us on your team, you won’t forget a thing!


We Provide Peace of Mind.

It’s essential that you’re able to soak up every joyous moment of your wedding weekend. So, the less you have to do the more you can celebrate. 

Our concierge services ensure a team member is “by your side” every part of the day. We also provide a bridal assistant to deliver breakfast to you the morning of your wedding. And another team member will ensure the getting ready room is tidy and the bridesmaids’ dresses are perfectly steamed ensuring that nothing unkept creeps into the background of your photos.

Like a guardian angel, there will always be someone looking out for you and making sure everything is taken care of. 

We Work with Trusted Vendors.

It takes more than one vendor to bring your wedding vision to life. And while we pride ourselves on conceptualizing, curating, and coordinating exceptional events, we know we couldn’t do it without help from our trusted circle of vendor friends.

We’ve built up solid relationships with the best of the best and consider them an extension of our team. We’ll pass along our recommendations to you, so you never have to worry about whom to hire. And once you’ve chosen from our curated list, we’ll manage their work before, during, and after the wedding to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

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We Provide Transparency (& Hope You’ll Do the Same)

We’re transparent. And we need you to be, too. In other words, communication is key. So, tell us what you’re good at, what you don’t like, and if any issues are going on behind the scenes. 

Leave no detail out because the more information you can give us, the more we get to know you and understand your vision. 

You’re hiring us to uncover and implement your dreams – even if you’re not exactly sure what that dream is yet. If you have a vague idea and a few mood boards, we’ll start there. Then we’ll pour ourselves a big cup of calendula tea and talk it through. 

Not only for your vision’s sake but for your guests’. 

Because when you work with Kate + Co, you’re not just planning a party – you’re creating an experience. So the more personal information you can give us, the more personal touches we can add to your wedding that will immerse people in the occasion and keep them engaged. And no, we’re not going to theme your entire event around the Tacky Christmas Party you met at but a subtle nod here and there helps us tell your story!

And please don’t be afraid to speak up about something we’ve suggested, you’re unsure about, or just plain don’t like. You won’t hurt our feelings. We’re here to support you and your vision. So, knowing what you dislike can be just as powerful as knowing what you adore.  

We Plan and Prepare & Then Go with the Flow.

It would be naïve to think that everything will go absolutely perfectly. You can plan all you want, but something might happen. Something might need to be adjusted on-site, a person runs late, or the weather turns. 

This is where plans meet fluidity. We prepare, we communicate, and we create solid timelines. But we also remain flexible so that no matter what, the celebration goes on – and seamlessly. We’re there to pick up the pieces should something fall apart. And we take care of everything internally, so you have no worries.  

You want to be able to let go of it all and just enjoy. And we want that for you, too.

We’re looking forward to creating your seamless event. 

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