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Kate Turner

Founder + Creative Director

My background is… I majored in Marketing and Accounting graduating Suma Cum Laude from St. Louis University. 

A typical day for me looks like… I’m usually up at the crack of dawn. I clear every phone notification and read every email before I’m up, dressed, and then get the kids moving. After lots of snuggles, snacks, and ready for school, I tackle the days meetings. Finally after one more email check-in, the phone is tucked away until the kids are tucked in bed. I like to end my day by watching one of our favorite TV shows! The West Wing is the best TV show around and I’ll never be convinced otherwise.

Best vacation I ever took… While my stomach will always be in Italy and my heart resides in Montana, I have to say the best vacation we ever took was a family trip to Crested Butte, Colorado. From rock climbing and river rafting, to spas and incredible food, it was as magical as it was memorable. You can’t beat the fresh air and cool weather in the mountains!

When I’m hosting… You’ll always find hydrangeas from my yard, a layered place setting, and a monogram tucked in somewhere! 

I enjoy cooking… My homemade cookies. My husband is the true cook of the family and my skills lie in baking. While I won’t share my top secret recipe with you, I’ll happily share my oversized, gooey cookies!

Currently reading… When I can carve out the time I’m making my way through The Art of Gathering’ by Priya Parker. However, I’ve newly discovered Podcasts [I know, I know I’m about 110 years old] and love ‘The Daily’ from The New York Times, ‘Armchair Expert’ by Dax Shepard, and ‘The Wedding Biz’ by Andy Kushner.