Weddings, Events, & Engagements

Kimmy Klipsch

Executive Director

My background is… armed with a degree in Entertainment Management from Missouri State University, I realized how much I love the wedding industry while working for a local florist. Simply put, I love helping clients with their happiest day! After some light stalking of our fearless leader, proving myself by organizing inventory, I landed with Kate + Company and never looked back!

I never leave home without… My phone, sunnies, and hydroflask!

Best vacation I ever took… visiting a friend’s family in Milwaukee over fourth of July and there’s nothing like it! Lake Michigan in the summertime with fireworks lighting up the sky is one of the best experiences! It’s not about where I was, but who I was with. PS I don’t get car sick, sing at the top of my lungs, and love car snacks so I’m basically the best road trip companion there is!

Currently reading… Eat, Pray, Love.

When I’m hosting… there’s always freshly popped popcorn and an epic cheese board involved! And no party at the Klipsch household is complete without Cards Against Humanity or cornhole!

The most memorable event was… This past April, we had a large tent install over the course of three weeks. Every day I would stop by to check the status of the progress and the transformation was jaw-dropping. It was so special to get to work on it from the beginning. While I loved seeing the looks on the faces of our client and their guests, my favorite moment was standing in the tent with the bride + groom after every guest had gone home, just taking it all in.