Weddings, Events, & Engagements

Frannie Gefke

Project Coordinator

My background is… in Philosophy and Anthropology so it may seem a bit unexpected that I landed here! After graduating from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin I relocated to Saint Louis with my boyfriend who is studying for his PhD at Washington Unviversity and we fell in love with the small town, big city feel Saint Louis offers. After starting my hospitality career on the wedding gown side of the industry, I was drawn to all the magic that goes into creating someones special day from start to finish. I started as an on-site event coordinator and after just one wedding, it was clear we had something special together and I joined the team full time!

I find inspiration in… I enjoy seeing what’s on the runway and how that can be applied to everyday life whether it’s in a tabletop design, a clients gown, or even in the gentleman’s suiting. I don’t gravitate towards things that are trendy for the sake of being trendy but rather am drawn to the emotional side of a selection – considering how it might make you feel when you wear it, experience it, or consume it. I don’t believe in being tied to one sense of a style but rather what I’m attracted to in the moment – sometimes that may be cozy and at other times it could be bright and contemporary. I love understanding how clients want to feel on their wedding day and then using our mediums of fashion, paper, textiles, and custom pieces to help drive those emotions home!

Best vacation I ever took… hands down a trip to Nepal with my dad! Staying in the Himalayas and waking up to have tea every morning while watching the clouds roll across Mt. Everest was simply breathtaking. I have never felt more present and in awe of the world. A second trip is already in the works!

Currently reading… Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

When I’m hosting… there’s always a new craft beer or seltzer, a deck of cards for Euchre, and our two dogs [Louie and Brooks] front and center lounging on any open lap!