Weddings, Events, & Engagements

Carrie Leach

Project Assistant

My background is… I graduated from Truman State with a major in German and minors in Spanish and Communication. In my time at Truman, I went through a couple of career changes before finding my passion in planning events!

My favorite part of a wedding day… is my last official duty as Bridal Party Handler, waiting with the bride before she goes down the aisle. It’s always a mix of nerves and excitement, but ultimately it doesn’t matter because she knows the love of her life is waiting for her!

I find inspiration in… artists! I love finding creatives on Instagram, watching their processes, and seeing the hard work behind the beautiful pieces they create. It always pushes me to think outside the box and try new things.

When I’m hosting… board games are always on the table!

My signature style includes… elevated basics, earth tones, and pops of fun. I love a green utility jacket, anything mustard yellow, and oxford shoes are a staple in my closet.

Currently reading… errr, listening to Armchair Expert, Getting Curious, and The Daily are all in my weekly rotation.