From Kate’s Clients: Q&A with Lauren + Brian

November 1, 2016  |  published by Kate Turner

“Do I even need a wedding planner?”

“I can do it – how hard can this be?”

“Is a wedding planner worth our investment?”

These are the three most common questions that we hear expressed from newly engaged couples!  Rather than hearing answers from us, we decided to go straight to the source – a past client!

If you’re on the fence, questioning, or unsure about hiring a wedding planner to your team – we hope Lauren + Brian’s insight can help you make an informed decision!


What made you realize that you needed a wedding planner?

L&B: We both consider ourselves “Type-A” people who have an above average attention to detail. Given that we had 12 months to plan before our actual wedding date, we initially believed we were more than capable of pulling off our dream wedding – either without a wedding planner or, at most, utilizing a “day-of” wedding planning service.  After a bit more research, we quickly recognized that, as two working professionals living in Chicago, who were attempting to plan a 300-person wedding in St. Louis, there were just too many details involved. We didn’t want to leave the execution of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion to chance by forgoing professional help. In swooped Kate & Company to save the day! After one meeting and a follow-up call, we were sold.


What was the most surprising part of the planning process?

L&B: Without question we were surprised by the sheer number of decisions that were necessary in order to pull off a wedding. Of course, you have the obvious ones: on which date would we like to get married, should it be an indoor or outdoor wedding, what venue fits best with our vision of the day…? But beyond those foundational questions, there were so many additional areas that needed thoughtful consideration (down to the type of flower in the boutonnieres, and the width of the ribbon that wrapped our reception napkins). Had we not enlisted the guidance of Kate & Company along the way we would’ve been overwhelmed (and may potentially even have had to cut noticeable corners because of time or budgetary constraints created by failing to discuss these unknowns with sufficient lead time).


What is the biggest piece of advice you could give to a newly engaged couple as they begin the journey to their big day? 

L&B: Our married friends told us during our planning process to be deliberate about staying mentally present in each moment of the wedding day. Leading up to the big day, they reminded us that there would never be another moment when so many of our loved ones would gather from around the world in celebration of the two of us. That was definitely sage advice that we’d pass along. We’d also tell couples that no matter how thorough you are, something will inevitably go awry on your wedding day (in our case, a few examples: we forgot our guest book, Lauren broke a nail, and there was an unexpected reception guest). When it happens, there’s a great chance that only the two of you (and your wedding planner, if they are as attentive as Kate & Company) will notice it. So, expect it, let it go, and laugh about it with your spouse on the back end!

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If you had to pinpoint, what was the hardest part of the planning process?

L&B: Simply put, it’s the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know. Neither of us had ever planned a wedding before (we were both the first to wed in our immediate families). So, in instances where considerations or expenses that you and your partner had never considered reveal themselves, it can be daunting. That said, it was a gratifying realization that this process, for us – as is the case for many couples – was the first major project on which we would partner together on an extended timeline. This gave us an early glimpse as to how the two of us might leverage each other’s strengths once we were officially husband and wife and once we would be tasked with planning a life-long future together.

Looking back, what is the moment of your wedding day that you cherish the most?

L&B: In the months leading up to the wedding day we both put a lot of time, effort, and emotion into our personal vows to one another. That made the moment when all eyes were on us, and our eyes were on each other, extremely special and sentimental.

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Who did you trust more with wedding-planning questions, your significant other or your wedding planner? 

L&B: That’s a tough one! On one hand, we know one another better than anyone else, and being totally in-tune allowed us to create our dream wedding. However, we know that there is huge gap between inspiration and vision/execution, and that’s where we found a wedding planner really demonstrates their value. One example is that before we hired Kate & Company, we found a unique wedding invitation concept in a magazine while on an international flight, so we tore the page out and saved it for later. Not only was Kate able to source that same invitation on our behalf through one of her partner vendors, but she was able to do so at a fraction of the cost that was advertised in the magazine.


If you had to choose one aspect of your wedding day that made having a wedding planner worth their weight in gold, what would it be?

L&B: The peace of mind that Kate & Company gave us on our wedding day was immeasurable and invaluable. Because they had invested so much time leading up to that day getting to know the two of us as individuals and as a couple, their team had earned our trust and confidence that the day would be executed to our admittedly-high standards. From their detailed day-of timeline to their “all hands on deck” approach as a team, we knew they would problem solve as needed, and would insulate us from any of the details that would bring us stress so that we could revel in every moment.

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Let’s end with a fun one – what song was your wedding party announced into? We notice that is such a tough decision for most couples!

L&B: We both love to dance, so we knew that picking the right song for the wedding party would set the tone for the type of night we wanted all of our guests to experience that evening. We picked “Time of Our Lives” by Ne-Yo and Pitbull, and thought it was very apropos!

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