from kate’s home: a different kind of design

July 13, 2017  |  published by Kate Turner

Hey y’all! Kate here! As many of you know, or are about to know, our life took a big, unexpected turn this past February. My hubby Adam and I found out we were expecting! Pinch me, is this real life?! Baby Turner will be making his or her debut late October, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

The news was a bit unexpected, because after 3.5 years of trying, we were pretty much used to bad news. Bad news for us always came in two’s – two miscarriages, two fertility doctors, and two rounds of IVF before we had success. This loved little nugget hasn’t made it easy on us, from a tumultuous first trimester to nausea that won’t quit even now at 25 weeks, I think it’s safe to say this little bebe is taking after his or her dramatic mama! Still, we wouldn’t change a thing. This is our journey to parenthood and while we wish there was less bedrest, less heartache, and less stress, the journey to be parents is ours and we’ve loved every minute of it.

How can I say that? Well, of course I didn’t love the tears and I didn’t love hearing my husbands’ heartbreak with each step, but our silver lining lies in the fact that our marriage is stronger than ever. Struggling with infertility is isolating, it makes you feel like there’s something wrong with you [news flash: there isn’t!], and it’s ever-trying on your emotions. But when you have the right guy or gal by your side, nothing can take that away from you. I can’t imagine having gone through this process with anyone else in the universe! My husband really is the bee’s knees [cue: tears. #HormonesAreReal], from holding my hand through the pain, to celebrating our excitement and even serving up graham crackers and applesauce like it’s his job these days – this dude really is the greatest of all time. I could go on and on, but that’s not why I’m here!

LET’S TALK NURSERY DESIGN! Okay, so I’m here to tell you that just because I can design a wedding does not mean I can design a nursery. No way! So I started with approximately 1,000,000 images on my favorite love-to-hate website, Pinterest.

I very quickly realized I can’t do this alone. So, I enlisted the help of the ever-fabulous Savvy Surrounding Style, a locally based residential and commercial design firm. Thank goodness for Diane + Therese – these ladies are magical. Because, seriously, I went from a rustic, Joanna Gaines dream nursery, then considered a boho Anthropologie dream room, and even tossed out the idea of simplistic, modern inspired digs for our little bebe. Lord help me, I like the look of it all!

We started with some paint colors, we selected some furniture, and the “renovation” will begin soon! Stay tuned for sneak peeks of the transformation!

Here’s some of the items we were inspired by! Photos of where we ended up, coming soon! If you love these items, too, links are below! xo. Kate.


1 – Style Me Pretty

2 – Project Nursery

3 – Style by Emily Henderson

4, 5, 6 – Sherwin-Williams

7 – Sharon Montrose

8 – Land of Nod

9 – Garden Therapy

10 – Felt Baby Corner

11 – Pottery Barn

12 – Toby & Roo

13 – Style Me Pretty

14 – Restoration Hardware Teen

15 – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child