design with a purpose: something old, something new

October 17, 2017  |  published by Jill Perez

Pretty paper, china, and heirlooms…oh my!

These are a few of our favorite things. These details are embedded into the heart of what Kate & Company does. We don’t just love the beauty they create within a wedding day, but for the story they tell. Watching these heirlooms and family customs passed down through generations is heartwarming.  Trends in the wedding world are ever-changing, but we adore the traditions that live on in the most wonderful ways!

How can a modern-day bride incorporate the richness of these traditions into their celebration while maintaining a current and fresh approach?

Meet Cynthia Nouri, the founder of Sasha Nicholas, a custom china and dinnerware company in the heart of Saint Louis!  Sasha Nicholas’ plates have been seen everywhere from Martha Stewart Weddings magazine to Vogue.  Cynthia developed her business from a desire to translate great art, culture, and design into her growing passion for meaningful dinnerware and gifts. She got the knack for gifting from her brother, who would spend countless hours going through the complete selection of gifts just to find her dad the best gift of all time. She is the golden girl of merging the old with the new.

We love Cynthia, her plates, and her business for oh, so many reasons.  The most important would have to be that she gives china a breath of fresh air. Check out our exclusive chat with her below to learn more about Sasha Nicholas and ways you can design around them in a meaningful way for your next celebration.


Tell us about Sasha Nicholas and how it came about?

Always a maker, I took trips to historic ceramics factories in England, France, and Italy while studying at Oxford University as a young adult which gave me the inspiration. I saw a void in choices couples have for choosing every day fine beautiful dinnerware for today’s lifestyle. It became my passion to fill this void with Sasha Nicholas.

Tell us how old can be made new through Sasha Nicholas?

We are passionate about asking clients if they have heirloom or vintage china they would like to incorporate into their vision.  Our registry motto is “something old, something new”. If you have a set of family china or even a few plates or a platter and wonder if you could use it for inspiration, we love nothing better than advising on how to incorporate it into your home or onto your walls!

Use place settings of your china as a bride & groom, so you can start creating great memories with them at your first meal as a married couple. If you have a custom monogram, this signifies your intertwined lives together. We’ve had couples each send us an inscription to put on the back of each other’s plates as a surprise gift for the other.  We have put wedding vows on the back, quotes from the ceremony, or words from your first dance.

You can use place settings for your entire head table or for every guest at an event. Decisions are made while the wedding is being planned & the monogram or crest is being designed for the invitations. We have also had couples get, for instance, 100 dinner plates with custom monogram for all their guests and then have them to use whenever they are entertaining in their home.  It’s more affordable than you may think.  They are also unique and elegant. While we can’t get enough of gorgeous florals at weddings, rest assured, our clients love having beauties they can keep and use forever as reminders of your special day.


It was such an honor to spend the day styling all the pretties from Sasha Nicholas and learning more about Cynthia’s passion for all things plates!  Looking to create your own meaningful dinnerware?  Visit Sasha Nicholas’ website here.  There’s a place to begin your registry for any special event or you can even shop online!

Looking to borrow some inspiration on how you can incorporate the old with the new into your own wedding design?  We are delightfully meeting with newly engaged clients for the 2018-2019 season!  Let’s meet!


Kate & Company

Photos Courtesy of Loren Doughty Photography

Stationery Courtesy of Cheree Berry Paper

China + Dinnerware Courtesy of Sasha Nicholas

Styling Courtesy of Kate & Company

Ring Box Courtesy of The Mrs. Box

Charms Courtesy of Heather B. Moore