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Yes, your best day ever (so far!) is all about the two of you and your union.

You are the guest of honor after all.

But as a person who values family and your guests’ experience, it’s only natural you want to sprinkle in a few surprises for your parents on your wedding day.

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(& One Bonus Question you Should Seriously Consider)

You found your one-and-only, got engaged, and started wedding planning. Now, you’re looking for another perfect match – your wedding planner. Finding your ideal match (a.k.a. your wedding planner and designer) is kind of like dating. You might find yourself swiping through Instagram,

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What are wedding dreams made of?

For you, maybe it’s five-star cuisine or fancy dresses. Or personalized details and out-of-this-world entertainment. 

And while all of those definitely make for a memorable wedding, we like to go a bit deeper when designing your dream wedding. At Kate + Co,

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…without sacrificing service.

Picture it. A beautifully-design wedding cake with layer upon layer of decadent frosting. Just looking at it makes your mouth water. But here’s the thing: when you cut into it, it’s all foam inside. Wah wah.

It’s not different with the pretty part.

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No two people are the same. Neither are their love stories.

So wouldn’t it make sense that when two people come together in matrimony their wedding be unique as well?

To be clear, we’re not just talking about design aesthetics and weekend activities.

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