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Meet Kate & Company, a full service wedding consultant and event design firm coordinating gorgeousness in St. Louis, Naples, Vail, and beyond! Imagine a heartfelt toast overlooking a whimsical winery, the perfectly choreographed dance on a custom design dance floor, or the look on your guests' faces when they walk into a ballroom lit by thousands of floating candles. The confetti-throwing, color palette-wielding, sparkler-happy women of Kate & Company pride themselves on creating the perfect event unique to each of its couples.

Begin with our design process. Challenge us to marry his love of Star Wars with your love of Pinterest. Help us stretch our imagination to find a way to unite his favorite foods with your favorite colors. Give us the opportunity to take the unique way he proposed and turn it into the worlds most imaginative Save the Date!  The creative-minded women of Kate & Company believe every couple has a unique story to tell, and it’s our job to tell yours through the perfect combination of stationery, linen, flowers and much much more!  Whether you’re looking for a black-tie affair, complete tomfoolery, or the perfect combination of both - we’re the gals for you!

Simply put, we LOVE weddings!

Whether you have everything accomplished or you're just starting out, our team can help you. From wedding day services to full design packages, you can let us fuss over the details while you enjoy an evening with your guests dancing ‘til dawn! Want to ride into your reception on an elephant? Need help coordinating the perfect grand exit complete with fireworks? Our professional St. Louis based wedding planners can make anything happen! Not located in St. Louis? No worries, we’ll grab our skinny vanilla latte and Kate Spade day planner and meet you wherever you call home. Let’s get this party started!

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Working with Kate & Co. to plan our wedding and organize our day was the best decision we could have made. Their professionalism, insight, and expertise is unmatched. With their help, we were able to enjoy the benefits of a memorable day in a stress-free environment. If you want your event to stand out . . . (read more)

Karen Z., Bride

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Principle Designer of St. Louis Weddings - Kate Turner

Kate Turner

Photo Credit: Photography by Ashley Douthit

Kate Turner,

principal designer

Hi! I’m the “Kate” in Kate & Company! I’m a lover of weddings, parties, confetti, and bright colors. I’m simultaneously scatterbrained and organized, a visual person with an incredible imagination, and comfortable in a killer pair of heels or an old pair of sweats.

My mom would say I was born into this industry, having been a planner since I was in diapers. From lemonade stands as a child to bridal and baby showers for family and friends, I am always in planning mode. Ask my nearest and dearest and they’ll not-so-jokingly tell you that before making plans of their own they’ll check my calendar to make sure I don’t have something fun already up my sleeve.

Born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, I’m a Midwest kind of girl with a Manhattan kind of style. I live for creating gorgeous events that combine each couples unique tastes with hints of that Kate & Company style. I love the way elegant custom stationery looks atop beautiful linen but my favorite part of weddings are watching the bride and groom say, “I do” to their best friend.

I live with my handsome husband, Adam, and the cutest pup in the world, Louis! I drink way too many skinny vanilla lattes from Starbucks and I can’t live without my iPhone. I’m a sucker for anything monogrammed, I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest, and I’m always stalking Kate Spade, Martha Stewart, and Vera Wang. I’m a sucker for the end of the aisle sales at Target [seriously, those things were perfectly designed for fools like me!] and one day I plan to take my hubby to Rome and show him where I once lived!

So cue the confetti and let’s fall in love as we watch your wedding vision come to life!

Kate's Signature


Wedding Coordinator - Jill Perez

Jill Perez

Photo Credit: Switzerfilm

Jill Perez,

senior designer

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Jill, a 28-year-old wife, mommy and shindig specialist.  I have a penchant for pretty paper, rockin’ some red lips, and all things preppy. After all, “If it isn’t moving…monogram it,” right?  

Originally from the Sunflower State, I am a Jayhawk through and through. My degree in elementary education has taught me more than you can imagine about patience, planning, and the importance of starting out your day with a good strong cup of Joe!  I find that I am constantly inspired. From Mother Teresa to Martha Stewart, I believe there is so much to learn in this life, and I never want to stop growing.  Besides, who doesn’t love a good thing!

My career took a turn about the same time I fell in love with a cute boy from Texas and married him. We packed up and moved to the sunny- southern- state of Georgia. After our own wedding, I still had that itch for planning, and before I knew it I was saying y’all, sipping on sweet tea, and witnessing love happen all around me. I found my ‘happy’ in this job and have been smiling ever since!  

I count my blessings in having had the privilege to work with some of the industry’s top professionals. Much of my own style is driven by my experiences. I love when old traditions meet new trends; breaking rules, trying the impossible, and believe there is always an excuse to celebrate.  

So cue the confetti and let the planning begin!

Jill's Signature


Kimberly Klipsch

Photo Credit: Switzerfilm

Kimberly Klipsch,

wedding planner + project manager

Hi! My name is Kimmy and I am super exited to be a member of the Kate & Company team! 

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and in true St. Louis fashion I am always asked where I attended high school. I am proud to say I attended Ursuline Academy, home of the bears! 

I have always wanted to be a wedding and special events coordinator! From watching Jennifer Lopez with her tool belt in The Wedding Planner to crying while Steve Martin gives away Annie in Father of the Bride I have always been a wedding-obsessed person. What girl wouldn’t want to be a part of planning a special event from being asked “Will you Marry me” to saying “I Do”?

With my outgoing smiling personality I have always been known as the planner from my early years of being a child through college.  Earning my bachelors degree in Entertainment Management from Missouri State brought me many opportunities to get involved; from planning a variety of events for my sorority, to non-for profit organizations and even being sent to the Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans and work on the Justin Timberlake DirectTV Super Saturday Night Bash.  What a night to remember!

Outside of work I enjoy being with family and friends.  I love playing tourist in my own city, trying new restaurants, going to Cardinals games, shopping the many malls and boutiques, or even enjoy some snuggle time watching movies or cheering on my favorite teams on football Sunday.  

From planning to organizing inventory to executing, weddings can be hectic. However, there is always that perfect moment that brings a tear to my eye usually when the father of the bride sees his beautiful daughter all grown up standing in her wedding dress ready to make the walk.  

I’m incredibly excited and ready to continue putting smiles on couples faces on their special day!

So cue the confetti and pour the champagne.  


Associate Coordinator - Maureen FitzGibbon

Maureen FitzGibbon

Photo Credit: Switzerfilm

Maureen FitzGibbon,

associate coordinator

Hi!  I’m Maureen and I feel so incredibly lucky to be part of the Kate & Company team! I’m obsessed with extraordinary weddings, Netflix, summer concerts, rom-coms, and cat themed outfits, to name a few.  I find myself in love with so many people and things because I think you can find inspiration anywhere you look for it!

I’m born and raised in Saint Louis, but I love to travel to far away lands at any opportunity.  I’ve had a Guinness in Dublin, sipped a latte in L.A., and toasted champagne in London, yet I will always call the Midwest home.  I can’t imagine rooting for any other team but my beloved Cardinals!

My friends and family would say that there couldn’t be a more fitting place for me than in this industry.  I’m someone who is insanely organized, charismatic, and falls just as head-over-heels for a killer tabletop design as I would for a date with RyGo.  Plus, I’m always planning!  Whether I’m penciling in for a girls’ weekend, jet setting to Chicago for a show, or making wedding dreams come true with Kate & Company, my brain is always set to ‘planner mode’!

In the hours of the day that aren’t filled with brides and grooms, I will most likely be binge-watching Mad Men, reading novels at Starbucks, waiting in line for whichever Hunger Games movie is premiering, or taking Instagram pictures of my extremely photogenic cat, Winston Kingston III.  Oh, I’m also that girl watching wedding videos and sobbing uncontrollably.  I can usually keep it together until I see the couple’s first dance, but after that all bets are off!

I truly believe that love and this fabulous life are worth celebrating, and as Jane Austen said, “One cannot have too large a party!”

So cue the confetti and let’s create your fairytale!

Maureen's Signature


Office Manager - Lynn Sedlack

Lynn Sedlak

Photo Credit: L Photographie

Lynn Sedlak,

office manager

My name is Lynn and I’m happy to be the office manager for Kate and Company!  I started in 2013 and love being part of the team that is so creative and visionary… bringing something unique to each couple’s special day.

As the ‘mature’ mommager of the office, I bring a variety of life and work experiences to the team.  I have a background in finance that utilized my keen sense for detail and organization.  I am excited to finally be using my creative side in the business world.  I like to cross my t’s and dot my i’s making certain everything has its place in a paper/paperless society.

I have been happily married to my best friend, Glenn, for 37 years and counting. We have four sons, a daughter-in-law and two beautiful grandchildren.  My family is the most important part of my life and my wish, as a mom, is to see each son happy, successful, married, with children of their own!  I love to make people smile and laugh.  I truly believe laughter makes us all feel better and that smiles are contagious.

In my spare time I love having my family together and celebrating life. You can usually find me Skyping with my grandchildren, decorating my home for the next holiday and enjoying time with great friends.   I like the color red, for my beloved St. Louis Redbird Cardinals, red licorice and yes, red wine too!    

I am a simple romantic, I cry at Hallmark commercials and I love ‘happily ever afters’.  

So cue the confetti and let us be part of your happily ever after!

Lynn's Signature


Nicolle, Emily & Kim

Photo Credit: Photography by White-Klump Photography

wedding day specialists

We are pleased to introduce Nicolle, Emily, Kim and Maureen- the wedding day specialists who keep Kate & Company running! We're DIYers, the errand runners, the welcome box assemblers, and the invitation stampers. We’re the group of smiling girls who run tirelessly behind the scenes to keep your event running smoothly! The four of us come from very different backgrounds, but we all share a few similar things: we cannot live without a good cup of coffee, we’re well educated and overly organized, we are full of energy, and we have a passion for planning! Being a part of the Kate & Company team is more exciting than you can imagine! We are blessed to work with a wonderful group of talented ladies who know how to throw a fantastic party! Come say “hello” to the Kate & Co. gang and let us show you what amazingness we can create for your special day! 

So cue the confetti & let’s get the party started!

Lynn's Signature